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Wow, I haven’t posted here in absolute ages. It is hard to stay motivated in keeping a blog when you have Facebook and other social media to keep you in touch with people. That and I keep an actual written journal of my daily going ons and thoughts/feelings.

But there are a few reasons that I started this journal. To talk about the things I do here in England or anywhere else I might go so that my family can know what I’m up to. And it is also where I like to go to talk about differences in culture that crop up and I find interesting.

There isn’t much for me to say at the moment. I went to a conference for Uni which was fun. The British Society of Parasitology (BSP) held their conference in Glasgow this year. Although most of the seminars that I went to were very heavily parasite based, and of those mainly Trypanosoma spp, there wasn’t much that directly applied to my research. But there was some.

But that wasn’t what was really important about this conference. The conference really helped me remember why I like being a postgraduate student. I enjoy spending time with other academics/students. I like to sit in a pub/restaurant talking shop. It reminds me why I like science and that there are other people just as nerdy/geeky as me who enjoy it too.

I have been finding it hard living here in England. Homesickness is a bitch and it has cast my research and experience here in England in a dark light making it less enjoyable that it should be. But I think the conference has really kicked me back into gear and I wish less often now to be home. I’m even being a bit more proactive in trying to get work done (which is good as my 1st year report is due soon and I have a lot of work still left on it).

So hopefully I’m better in the future about keeping up on this and I promise my next entry will have a bit more substance to it than this one did.