So this has been my first year of Christmas without my family. Luckily though on of my room mates invited me down to their parents’ for Christmas so I didn’t have to sit alone on Christmas twiddling my thumbs. That may have been a bit more depressing than I could have handled.

It was a really nice Christmas and I got to try foods that I’ve never had before. We had Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day we just had leftovers. The first new thing I got to eat was tongue which tastes a lot like corn beef actually (or at least how it was cooked them time it tasted like corn beef). I like it a lot which isn’t a huge surprise as I like corn beef. I also go to try creamed brussel sprouts which was nummy. For desert we had apple crunch. The next day my room mates mommy made bubble and squeak. Another thing I’ve never had. It was so nummy. I could eat that ALL THE TIME. And we had apricot mousse and then lemon surprise pudding. Both very nummy desserts.

For Christmas we just did secret santa rather than a whole bunch of gifts. Even I joined in. I got my room mates dad from the hat so I had my grandma bring over a bottle of red wine from California as my gift for him. I got a book (The Eyre Affair) and the game Dead Space for my PC. Awesome.

It was a nice few days. I got to meet some new people (friends and family of my room mates) and all in all had a great time.