I have so much to write about! I really need to keep up on this like I originally planned.

So last I wrote the U.S politician mess was distressing. Some things came about after that which will make my life a bit harder, such as subsidized loans no longer being available to graduate students. This coupled with rising tuition and high interest rates made me seriously rethink my studying here in England. My professors came up with a plan though. Essentially I am going to get all my research done in 2 years or less. Then, during the writing up period of my PhD I will go back to the States. That way I don’t have to pay maintenance fees here in the UK but rather can stay with family for free. And writing up fees are substantially cheaper than a full year’s tuition. Basically from £14,580 (full-time tuition) to only £200 (writing up fee) a year. So I will still have a lot of student debt but not the astronomical, very much unmanageable amount that 3-4 years of full tuition would have cost me.

I’m slowly getting use to living here in England. It’s September now and the weather is getting noticeably rainier and colder than it was only a month ago. Not that the weather is overly warm here in the summer either. I don’t think I’ve had a day that was over 75F since I’ve been here. Maybe once or twice it went above that but I don’t remember it. I don’t really like the cold…or the rain. I reiterate, what made me choose England again? In all seriousness though, this is a really beautiful country and I’ve met some really awesome people. I just like to complain ^___^.

I have also got a surgery date for my gallbladder removal! It will be on October 4th. I am scared witless. I’ve never had an operation. I’ve never been under anesthesia. I’m sure as the date gets closer I’ll be incoherent with fear.

And now to what I really want to talk about, mainly diversity here in England. Now I feel I come from a rather diverse area. Southern California has people of all walks of life. It is one of the things that I really like about California, it’s diversity in people, cultures and especially in food (oh Mexican food, how I miss thee).

But there is a different diversity here in England, (particularly Lancaster as that is where I live and have experienced the most of living in England) that is just so COOL. Since England is part of Europe and so close to the mainland there is a high population of European people visiting or living here in England. I live in a college town. The majority of Lancaster’s population are university students. Lancaster university also attracts a lot of people from around the world. Europeans, North Americans (Like me!), Asians, South Americans, African, etc. It is really really cool. Even going to the grocery store is an exercise in diversity!

As I mentioned before it isn’t like my home State isn’t diverse. I have friends of all walks of life back home and love that I have the opportunity to have that. But there does seem to be a slight difference. The majority of people I know and who are my friends that are from another ethnicity are usually second, third, etc generation. So their parents or grandparents or great-grandparents came from another country (life my great-grandparents came from Norway). But they themselves were born and raised in California. We have the same accents, similar schooling, similar environment that shaped us to who we are today. So though I may have friends from backgrounds all around the world we all speak with the same accent.

I think that is what it really comes down to here in England. The amount of accents I run across. It’s really amazing! French, African, Asian, Indian, Saudi Arabian, Brazilian, all types of British accents (obviously) etc. I have so much fun just walking around hearing the different accents, seeing the different fashions. People watching in the UK is so cool.

So there is a bit of what it is like to live here in England. The coolest part being the chance to make not only knew British friends but friends from all over the world. I could do that at home I know but somehow it just seems MORE here. Possibly because I myself am a foreigner in a new land. And that’s exciting too.

Here have some pictures of the city I live in now:

Lancaster Priory

City view from Williamson Park

Ashton Memorial