So, I’m living in England now. It has been about a month and boy have things changed since I last posted. I’m no longer going to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine now. The professor I planned to work with found out that he would no longer be funded at the LSTM and got me in contact with someone at Lancaster University. He has also got a new position at Lancaster so I will still be able to work with him.

I am still studying sandflies and Leishmania but will probably be doing field work in Sri Lanka rather than Brazil. The details are not ironed out by any means and I am suppose to be working on a literature review right now but have been procrastinating horribly on it. I do plan to start work on that and at least finish a page or two today.

It has been an adventure getting here and an adventure living here. I have had a bit of homesickness that has made this move difficult along with a lot of other personal turmoil (nothing dire). I think I’m slowly getting use to living here in England. Luckily the weather has been fairly nice here and although I’ve had a few bouts of rain it hasn’t really been excessive. Mostly sunny and somewhat warm. So that is nice because I really love the sun (why I came to a country that supposedly has very little sun most of the year I shall never know).

School has been interesting. I’ve been learning how to work in the lab and where everything is. But in all honesty I hate every second of it and am BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I think this is because what we’re working on now is DNA extraction and PCR which I have done hundreds of. That is basically what I did for my master of entomology. Hence the boredom. Also, I don’t like working with Leishmania parasites. I realize that most of this is probably my homesickness and dissatisfaction with life at the moment leaking into my work life but still. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything. There is also that literature review on Leishmania and sandflies that I am suppose to have been working on but I just can’t seem to get myself focused on that either. It has been two years since I was last in school and I think I’m rusty. I just can’t seem to get myself back into that school groove.

So I thought I should make a list of things I really like here in England to make myself happy:
Haribo’s gummy candies. Especially the sour ones.
I have healthcare now! YAY NHS!
Old stone walls
I live 5 minutes away from a CASTLE
The old priory
Sainbury’s and all their nifty British foods
Squash (basically juice concentrate. Add some squash and water, instant juice!)
Sticky toffee pudding
The “Look right” “look left” painted on the streets
Takeaway stores everywhere (although I can’t really eat at any of them right now. Stupid gallbladder)
How people call you love
Walking everywhere. It’s sorta nice, even when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to walk
Jammie Dodgers (even if I can’t eat them right now. Again, stupid gallbladder!)
Jaffa cakes (same as above. DX)
Soft black licorice
The Guardian
British TV
British Dairy products (oh Rachel’s yogurt how I love thee)
Magpies and swallows EVERYWHERE! They’re so cute ^__^
My roommates T and R who are super nice and good friends

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add later.