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So I’m off to England! I leave today at 5:01pm and I’ll arrive in London Heathrow at 11:35am. From there I’ll head to the Norsk KFUK (aka the Norwegian Y.W.C.A) where I’ll be staying. They only allow women under 30 and Norwegian men with a valid passport. I called them last night to verify my rooms and all is set. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your stay there so that’s really awesome. It also makes my stay in London much cheaper.

After I’ve dropped off all my things at the YWCA I’ll head off to find a phone. I’m going to get a unlocked cell phone that I can put any networks sim card in to use.

I sorta want to get this phone:

samsung-b3310-aIt will set me back about $168 but I can get an unlocked one and it’s sorta cute. Plus, since I plan to move to England soon I might as well get a phone that works well that I can use when I’m that and that I like. Plus the other unlocked phones are still a bit expensive so I might as well just go for the one I like.

After that I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ll have been on a plan for over 10 hours and I don’t usually sleep too well on a plane so I may just head back to the YWCA and take a nap. Or relax a bit. Or maybe I’ll go exploring! I won’t know until I’m there.

The next day I plan to have breakfast, make my packed lunch and head over to the Natural History museum. According to Dr. Rod Dillon (my potential professor) I HAVE to go see it and the new Darwin centre that they just built. Since I’m a big enough nerd for that to appeal to me I have no problem with that. Apparently he was the head of the entomology department there for many years.

I think I’ll then go to Leicester Square after. According to Cliff Simon (who I got to meet at the Stargate Con. OMG! Heeeeee!) that is the best place to go to see as much of the cool touristy things if you only have a short amount of time. My friend Annica wants me to go to a WHOLE bunch of places but I do not think I’ll have the time.

I leave early in the morning the next day to catch my train to Liverpool. It leaves around 9:30am so I’ll have to get up pretty early to make sure I get there in time. It would suck to miss my train. I should be in Liverpool by 12ish where Rod will pick me up. We’ll probably be seeing some of the sights and then he’ll take me to the nice person named Alvarro who has agreed to put me up for a couple of nights. Monday and Tuesday I will probably view the school and play with the sandfly colony they have there. We’ll probably talk about research ideas when I’m there also.

About noonish on the 18th I have to catch another train back to London. My plane leaves at 10:35am on the 18th so it’s best if I stay the night in London and leave VERY early the next day to catch my plane. It’s generally a good idea to be at the airport 3 hours before your plane leaves if it’s an international flight.

So, those are my plans. I have a lot of things to pack into a relatively short amount of time. But if this trip goes well and the LSTM professors like me that means I’ll be heading off to Liverpool in a few months. Living in another country, amazing.